Report Card – Academic Eligibility

Every athlete and band member is required to have a “C” or better in all subjects to be eligible to participate. The Report Card at the end of the first semester (or 2nd 9-weeks) will be the Report Card that is used to determine “Academic Eligibility”. However, upload the mid-term (or 1st 9-week) Report Card to determine the participants current “academic status”. If grades are not a “C” or better at the time of the initial Report Card upload, you still have time to improve your grades before the final grades come out in December. Be sure to upload the December Report Card (replace the earlier mid-term Report Card) prior to event registration to help expedite your registration experience. In addition to determining Academic Eligibility, the Report Card will also be used for confirmation of the participants Grade in School.

*** Only Official Report Cards from the participants school are accepted ***

Question: Will I be able to participate if my current grades don’t meet the standards when I initially register?

Answer: The Report Card that determines final Academic Eligibility will be the Report Card received in December. The initial Report Card uploaded during the registration process is used to determine the participants current academic status only. This process allows the participant to re-focus and improve their grades (if necessary) prior to receiving their December Report Card. If the Academic Standard is not met by December 31, the participant will be considered “Academically Ineligible” and will not be allowed to participate in the Carolina Bowl activities.

Question: If I have paid my registration fee and raised the minimum fundraising goal, but my grades do not meet academic minimums, will I get a refund?

Answer: No. It’s your job as a student athlete or band member to make sure that you meet and exceed all academic (and other) standards.

*** Please make sure you are willing to commit to the process before you register ***