My son was selected to participate in the 2020 Carolina Bowl. Michael is in 5th grade from Simpsonville, SC.  He enjoyed his experience!!! As a parent, it exceeded every expectation as this was our first year participating. My son may not have gotten a chance to play every position he did on his recreation team, but that did not bother him at all. The week long experience of learning from new coaches, meeting new teammates and friends was well worth it. I can honestly say that the week leading up to the game was the best part. What my son learned and experienced was priceless!!! We are already excited about Carolina Bowl 2021. By far the best camp we have been to thus far. “

Submitted by Michael Martin

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Jack’s season is off to a great start.  He’s starting at middle linebacker and at tight end, and also spends some time at fullback.  He never comes out of the game unless it’s a blowout.  He’s racking up a ton of tackles, several QB pressures and sacks, and a ton of yardage on offense.  He’s truly standing out on the field, and I can say with all honesty, the instruction he’s received at the Carolina Bowl and at Crucible Camp has paid big dividends.  His coaches use him as a teaching example on both sides of the ball to instruct less experienced players and to lead in drills, and due to the instruction he’s received and the caliber of players he’s played with and against at Carolina Bowl and Crucible, he has the confidence in his own abilities to step up and accept that leadership position.  What is very important to our family is that he’s not only leading, but he’s doing so willingly and humbly.  Being involved with your camp experiences and listening to what you’re teaching has enabled me to come alongside and talk with him not only about competition and skill and working hard, but also about how to be a leader, how to work to bring others up, and how to be the young man that God has designed him to be.  So, we very much appreciate you [Freddie Brown} and Jimmy [Staton} and your staff for all that you’ve done toward instructing our son and all of the student athletes you’ve been working with so that they become both the best student athletes they can be and the best young men and women they can be. “

Submitted by Joshua E. Holmes

Jacobi’s, pre season started right after we returned from the camp. He thoroughly enjoyed the camp and it’s hard to get him to wear a different shirt to anything football related even whens it dirty. Jacobi is playing for the Ricon Radiers under Coach Reese this year. He is the youngest player (just turned 11 last month) on the  12U team and starting at defensive tackle/End and Guard. The Camp has helped him a lot and he has been able to use what he learned at the camp to get his starting positions this year. He is already looking forward to attending next year.

Submitted by Debra Saunders

“The season has gotten off to a good start for Xavier. His team, RDU Falcons 10U, scrimmaged the NC Giants at the AAU jamboree in High point a few weeks back.  He was one of a few players on his team not intimidated by the bigger nationally rank team.  In the other scrimmages Xavier scored as a WR, RB and LB (fumble recovery for a TD).  He is looking forward to staring the regular season next Saturday in Edgecomb County.  Xavier has mentioned a few times that his experience at the Crucible Select Camp helped prepared him for a successful season. The season has gotten off to a good start for Xavier. His team, RDU Falcons 10U, scrimmaged the NC Giants at the AAU jamboree in High point a few weeks back.  He was one of a few players on his team not intimidated by the bigger nationally rank team.

Submitted by Muhammad Hasan

Colten is having a great start to the season. We made the decision to switch from rec ball to a travel team, and we have been very pleased.  It is challenging him and giving him an opportunity to learn all new skills.  The training from camp has definitely helped him. He is playing a few different positions in the games but was selected to be on the team as a slot receiver.  We really enjoyed the training at the camp and think it has been a huge help.

Submitted by Chastity Hill

“His season has started out good. He’s at MT Holly Middle School. He hasn’t gotten in on offense yet. But he is the starting Corner and out of three games he has done done really well. No completions on his side with a gang of tackles. He only got sucked inside twice. My guy even made the local paper. But he is getting reps in practice at RB and slot receiver…I think his foot work improved and he just plays with more confidence. He’s also faster and stronger.”

Submitted by Quenton Ponder

“Miles started the season at QB for the North Raleigh Bulldogs, we won our first game 21-7.  The [Crucible] camp helped Miles become even more confident with his position and the QB coaches gave him drills that he could work on at home which tremendously increased his accuracy.”

Submitted by Omar McCallop