Registration Checklist

Step 1 – Registration

  1. Follow the Registration Link (provided via email) and Pay your $149 Registration Fee.
    • Participation in the Carolina Bowl is by “Invitation Only”.
    • Contact Freddie Brown at 864.804.4966 to discuss invitation/participation opportunities.
  2. Upload Required Documentation – as available, but NLT November 15th.
    • Report Card (most current). Final Academic Eligibility will be based on the “end of semester” December Report Card.
    • Birth Certificate
    • Teacher / Principal Character Letter
    • Head Coach Character Letter
    • Participant “Hand Written” Letter
    • Physical Form

Step 2 – Start Your Fundraiser

  • Follow the link from your original “Carolina Bowl Invitation” email to set up your Fundraising Page, OR, simply click the below link.
  • Click HERE to START your YOUTH fundraiser
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to try and meet your $1,250 Fundraising Goal, start your fundraising early in the year.

Step 3 – Make Your Hotel Reservation